Friday, May 16, 2014

Ethiopia tackles locust invasion in eastern region - Africa - News -


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The Ethiopian government said it had embarked on a massive chemical spraying exercise to tackle the possible invasion of desert locusts which appeared in Addis Ababa on Wednesday.The Ethiopian Agriculture ministry officials confirmed on Thursday the invasion of the locust, which they said migrated from neighbouring Somaliland.
The local media also said the locusts were first sighted in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia in March.
The ministry said it had already embarked on chemicals spray in the affected areas to eradicate the locust ahead of the country’s cropping season.
The areas being sprayed included Dire Dawa, Jigjiga, Chelenko and Yerer in the eastern part of Ethiopia bordering Somalia.
The ministry said so far the locusts have not caused any damage because it was no yet cropping season.
The World Food Programme recently announced plans to assist about 6.5 million Ethiopians affected by locust invasion, civil strife in neighbouring countries and sparse rainfall.

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