Running is one of those exercises that you either love or hate. However, it can be one of the bestexercises for your body. Everyone has a different body type, and things like having children can change that. Cellulite is one of those things that some people get and struggle with; it is also common for many women after baby come. The good news is thatrunning can help get rid of this unsightly cellulite that can collect mostly in our thighs. Here are just a few reasons why this is. To begin with, running is a great way to drop those calories you have been eating. Also, running is a great way to build muscle. And lastly, running is a great way to get the cellulite and fat moving, which will help it break down. Losing cellulite through running is best done outdoors or on a track, rather than a treadmill or elliptical. This is because the movement your body gets when running this way will create the most vibration to knock that cellulite off. So if you have excess cellulite that you want to get rid of, go out there and take a run. This is a great way to reduce stress also, which can cause some of this weight gain. It’s all-around a great exercise for the body